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John Dorsey: Browns fan base ‘more passionate’ than Packers fans

John Dorsey has a long history with the Green Bay Packers organization, but the Cleveland Browns general manager may have burned that bridge by extolling the virtues of his current team’s fan base by comparing it favorably to Packer backers.

“The fan base in Cleveland … for the Cleveland Browns is more passionate than Green Bay Packers fans,” Dorsey stated during a recent interview with Jim Donovan, the voice of the Browns, via 247 Sports.

Dorsey’s recent comments propping up of the Dawg Pound at the expense of Cheesehead Nation’s reputation echo comments made last offseason during which he praised the long-suffering Browns fan base to no end.

“We all know that the Cleveland Browns fan base is as good as there is in the National Football League,” Dorsey said in April 2018. “I understand the passion of why they are so good. I was reading a book somewhere where of the original 11 football teams in the National Football League, I was going through this and I found it fascinating that five of those 11 teams, they were all from cities in Ohio. That just shows you the importance of football within this community.”

Dorsey played for the Packers from 1984-89 and started his executive career with two stints as the team’s Director of College Scouting before rising to the role of Director of Football Operations in 2012. Odds are Packer Nation will not look fondly upon his comments.

That said, Dorsey is a Browns guy now, and the case can be made that the organization who employs him enjoys an incredibly loyal fan base despite the years upon years of ineptitude that may finally be coming to an end thanks in large part to the general manager’s demonstrated savviness.

There’s no chance the Cheeseheads will forgive Dorsey for the slight, though.