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Trevor Bauer received social media death threats after rough outing

Trevor Bauer was shelled on the mound during the Cleveland Indians’ 9-1 shellacking at the hands of the Chicago White Sox on Monday night, but that paled in comparison to what the pitcher was subjected to on social media as a result.

Bauer gave up seven earned runs on 10 hits in five innings in his worst start of the season, and trolls quickly surfaced on social media to make some seriously disturbing comments about the pitcher as well as his family.

Bauer took to Twitter Monday night to share screenshots of some of the troubling and profane tweets and the like sent his way, including one in which an individual wrote, “I will kill you.”

The tweet, in which Bauer wrote, “Stop online harassment, bullying, and hate speech” along with the screenshots, also captured threats against his family, including, “I really hope you and your family die in a car crash.”

Among the other reprehensible messages sent Bauer’s way included, “How do u let white sox smack the s–t out of u. F—–g f–.”

Bauer later issued a tweet condemning Instagram for allowing such hostility to go unchecked on their platform.

Sadly, what Bauer was subjected to on Monday night is an unfortunate aspect of social media. There are no shortage of troglodytic trolls who revel in espousing such nonsense with little regard for anyone else. That does not mean people should not speak out against those who engage in such antics and highlight them, as Bauer did in this instance.