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Steve Kerr on shortening NBA season: ’75 has a nice ring to it’

Discussions surrounding the possibility of the NBA shortening its regular season arise from time to time, and if the league were ever to actually go through with such a drastic change, Steve Kerr has a suggestion.

The Golden State Warriors head coach was asked about the NBA potentially reducing the number of regular-season games before the team’s Game 4 loss to the Houston Rockets in the teams’ Western Conference semifinal showdown.

“It feels like we play seven or eight games a year where our guys are just wiped out,” Kerr said, acknowledging the grind of an 82-game schedule that has been in effect since the 1967-68 season, via NBC Sports Bay Area.

Kerr knows exactly what he’d suggest if asked.

“I think 75 has a nice ring to it,” Kerr said, adding that the league could keep the two-game slate between teams in opposing conferences and divisional opponents squaring off four times per season. The only change is how many games teams would play against the other two divisions in their conference.

There is no current momentum involving the NBA shortening its schedule. That said, NBA commissioner Adam Silver alluded to the notion of it being a possibility one day just last month.

“Sometimes it’s science, but sometimes it’s art,” Silver said. “A fair point from fans could be if ultimately the science suggests that 82 games is too many games for these players, maybe you shouldn’t have an 82-game season. I accept that, and that’s something we’ll continue to look at.”

It stands to reason that any such change would likely be held back my financial concerns, something pointed out by Kerr.

“There’s not going to be a drastic cut, obviously, because of revenue,” Kerr said. “But if there were a way to get to 75, I’d be a big proponent.

“I understand that would mean less revenue. Salaries would come down a little bit. But the quality of play would be better, and the players would be more rested and maybe fewer injuries.”

In other words, Kerr, nor anyone else, should hold their breath waiting for any change anytime soon.