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Tom Brady on not being highest-paid QB: Gisele ‘makes a lot of money’

Tom Brady obviously is well-aware of the fact that many of his NFL quarterbacking colleagues far outpace him in terms of salary despite drastically lacking the unparalleled championship pedigree he boasts.

The New England Patriots signal-caller made an appearance Thursday night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and was asked about not being the NFL’s highest-paid quarterback.

To no surprise, Brady exhibited a pragmatic, selfless and team-first attitude, but he also sneaked in a tremendous zinger about how it’s easy to have that approach when one is married to Gisele Bundchen, one of wealthiest supermodels in the world.

“That’s a good question. That’s usually, when I don’t want to answer a question, I always say, ‘That’s a good question.

“I think the thing I’ve always felt for me in my life, winning has been a priority. And my wife makes a lot of money. I’m a little smarter than you think.

“Actually, it’s a salary cap. You can only spend so much and the more that one guy gets is less for others. And for a competitive advantage standpoint, I like to get a lot of good players around me.”

Bundchen does indeed bring in a lot of money into the family household. The supermodel’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $400 million and is said to earn about $40 million annually despite not modeling as often as she once did.

Further, it’s not like Brady isn’t getting paid, either. He signed a two-year, $41 million extension in March 2016 that included a $28 million signing bonus.

In the end, to say Brady and Bundchen are doing just fine from a financial perspective would be a colossal understatement. Brady is of course not playing football to make money at this point, it’s all about Lombardi Trophies and further cementing his status as the greatest football player of all time.

Brady’s full appearance on “Kimmel” follows.