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Did Rob Gronkowski hint at potentially coming out of retirement?

Rob Gronkowski appears to be enjoying his post-NFL life in true Gronk-ian fashion, but is it possible he could change his mind sometime down the road and come out of retirement?

Gronkowski made a huge splash — and possibly kickstarted his acting career — during an appearance at Wednesday night’s Billboard Music Awards. In an in-the-crowd bit, Gronk portrayed a security guard who ushered Kelly Clarkson out of a seat that was reserved for Florida Georgia Line.

While amusing, it was what Gronkowski had to say before the awards show that may pique the interest of football fans.

While making his way down the red carpet, Gronkowski was asked if he would ever reconsider retirement and return to the NFL.

“Yes, I’ve gotten that question many times,” Gronk said of a possible comeback, as transcribed by Clutch Points. “I mess with people. I say fake retired just to have fun with people. I say I’m coming back next week, but yes I’m actually retired, but I like to mess around.”

He added: “You never know. If you mess around that much about it I may convince myself, but I don’t know. I kind of like it right now. I’m resting recovering, feeling good, so it’s all going good.”

Rumors circulating about how Gronkowski could conceivably come out retirement at some point have pointed to how retiring in March allows him to avoid the Patriots’ offseason program.

Perhaps with a few months to clear his head and rest his body, Gronkowski could be ready to play at some point during the 2019 season, which has been a matter of some speculation.

Then again, it’s entirely possible Gronkowski’s quote on the red carpet simply was another example of how he likes to “mess around” with people.

After all, the retirement life seems to suit Gronkowski, perhaps too well. It would be like an endless “Summer of Gronk” for the larger-than-life guy.