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Patrick Mahomes puts kibosh on half-eaten pizza slice auction

An enterprising individual who apparently believed he had stumbled upon a half-eaten slice of pizza that was left at a restaurant by Patrick Mahomes saw his dreams of netting a profit off it thwarted thanks to the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

The man in question put up a listing on Facebook Marketplace in which he touts the discarded foodstuff as being partially consumed by Mahomes at a Shawnee, Kan., eatery.

The price? $50. Serious inquiries only please, because of course.

“This half eaten piece of pizza was left behind by Patrick Mahomes at a Shawnee Mission Pizza Shoppe,” the listing reads. “Comes with a COA and a saliva test strip. I’ll toss in his used hand wipe and tooth pick for free. Serious inquiries only please.”

There is plenty to unpack from the above listing, but first off, how is this guy angling to legitimize the purported COA (Certificate of Authenticity)? And let’s not even get into the saliva test strip nonsense, nor the free used hand wipe and toothpick.

Mahomes caught wind of the Facebook Marketplace listing — presumably because he was tagged in the above tweet — and subsequently put the kibosh on the auction of the half-eaten pizza slide in question.

So close, yet so far away from potentially pocketing $50 over nothing more than food waste left by someone who was not Patrick Mahomes at a Kansas pizza joint. Better luck next time.