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Draymond Green blasts ‘boring’ Mike Greenberg over Instagram barb

Draymond Green was not impressed with a critical comment ESPN’s Mike Greenberg left on an Instagram post that documented his thoughts on the officiating controversy plaguing the Golden State Warriors-Houston Rockets series, and he responded in kind to the barb.

In an Instagram post, ESPN highlighted comments Green shared ahead of Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinal series between the Warriors and Rockets, in which he bemoaned how it was “kind of embarrassing for the game of basketball of how much has been talked about fouls and officiating.”

Greenberg, the host of ESPN’s “Get Up!” morning show, surfaced in the comments section of the Instagram post and took a shot at Green by insinuating the Warriors star was being a hypocrite.

“There isn’t a player in the NBA past or present who complains more about calls so this is a strange position to take,” Greenberg wrote.

Green somehow caught wind of Greenberg’s slight and responded in kind while also taking a shot at the show the ESPN personality hosts.

“You are entitled to your opinion,” Green wrote. “However, this was less about players complaining on the floor and more about your boring a– show has spent the last two days speaking about fouls and not 1 X or O. But that doesn’t seem to be your strong suit, so proceed….”

Beyond the beef between Green and Greenberg, Game 2 seemed to be less about officiating than the hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing that followed Game 1. That came to the relief of Green, who called Golden State’s 115-109 win a “great officiated game.”

“I think both teams just realized what the hell was going on the last two days,” Green added, via the New York Post. “You can’t really turn a blind eye to anything in today’s day and age with social media. Everyone was aware of all the talk about officiating, about foul calls.”