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Joe Theismann ‘not opposed’ to Dwayne Haskins wearing his No. 7

Joe Theismann has indicated he is technically “not opposed” to Dwayne Haskins wearing his No. 7 jersey, but the Washington Redskins legend needs to first determine whether the incoming rookie signal-caller has what it takes to do so.

Theismann originally hinted he may be amenable to Haskins wearing No. 7 with Washington in a tweet after the rookie was selected with the 15th pick in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Theismann noted how Haskins wore that number as a standout quarterback with the Ohio State Buckeyes.

During an appearance Monday on NBC Sports Washington’s “Redskins Talk,” Theismann laid out some conditions that need to be met before he hands off the No. 7 jersey.

“I’m anxious to sit down and talk to Dwayne about that,” Theismann said.

“I’m not opposed to it. I’m not saying yes yet, but I really want to sit down and talk to the young man and get a chance to meet him. I know he’s reached out and said he wants to ask me, so as early as I can get back into town and be able to set up an opportunity when he gets into town to be able to sit down and talk to him about it.”

No Redskins player has donned the No. 7 jersey since Theismann last wore it in 1985, something the 1983 NFL MVP also noted.

“It’s what’s inside the jersey that makes a big difference,” Theismann said. “I’ve been very honored to have the Washington Redskins not have it issued to anyone over 30-plus years, and this is the first 7 that we’ve had come along, I think.

“So I really wanna sit down and have a visit with him and talk to him about it and then we’ll sort of decide going forward.”

Odds are Theismann will ultimately give the go-ahead to Haskins wearing the No. 7 jersey, as he more or less has painted himself into a corner. If it came out that he forbid Haskins from doing so, how would that look for the Redskins organization?