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Chris Paul, James Harden have feuded with official assigned to Game 2

The NBA has announced the officials for Tuesday night’s Game 2 showdown between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors, and it’s certain Chris Paul and James Harden will be less than thrilled.

In fact, given how the two Rockets superstars have openly feuded with one of the officials assigned to Game 2, it may be more accurate to expect them to be extremely agitated.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported Tuesday morning that veteran official Scott Foster will be among the crew calling the game at Oracle Arena.

Harden was fined $25,000 for criticizing officials, Foster specifically, after a Feb. 21 game, a 111-106 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers.

“Scott Foster, man. I never really talk about officiating or anything like that, but just rude and arrogant,” Harden said.

“It’s lingering, and it’s something that has to be looked at for sure,” he said. “For sure, it’s personal. For sure. I don’t think he should be able to even officiate our games anymore, honestly.”

Concerning Paul’s antagonistic history with Foster, the Rockets guard blasted the official following a game in January 2018 in which Foster called him for a technical foul.

“Scott Foster at his finest. Never fails,” Paul told reporters in the locker room after the game, according to’s Tim MacMahon. “… I got a tech tonight. I’m over there with [referee] Courtney [Kirkland] saying ‘That’s Scott. That’s Scott.’ And I get a tech. There’s history there. He’s the man. That’s who they pay to see.”

Given the overabundance of controversy, complaints and gnashing of teeth already plaguing the Western Conference semifinal series between the Rockets and Warriors, for the NBA to assign an official who will undoubtedly raise eyebrows certainly is an interesting, if not ill-advised, choice.