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Rockets reportedly traveling to Bay Area ‘based on probabilities’

The Houston Rockets are playing the odds by flying to the Bay Area and operating under the assumption the team will face the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference semifinals.

Now, all the Rockets need for their travel plans to prove savvy is for the Warriors to close out their first-round series with the stubborn Los Angeles Clippers on Friday night.

The Rockets closed out their first-round series Wednesday night with a 100-93 Game 5 victory over the Utah Jazz. In an effort to avoid rushed travel plans, ESPN’s Tim McMahon reports the Rockets will depart for the Bay Area on Friday.

The Rockets “intend no disrespect” to the Clippers, McMahon writes, who trail the Warriors 3-2 heading into Friday’s Game 6 at Staples Center. The travel plans simply are “based on probabilities.”

Should the Clippers prevail in Game 6, Game 7 will be Sunday at Oracle Arena. If the Warriors manage to close out the series, Game 1 of the Warriors-Rockets semifinals showdown would be scheduled early Sunday afternoon, thus inspiring the Rockets to get into town and begin preparations.

The Rockets plan on practicing at Oracle Arena Saturday. If a Game 7 is indeed forced, the Rockets will still remain and San Francisco as the team wants players to acclimate to Pacific Time.

It a way, this may be the first time an uninvolved team gave one of the teams set to play in a critical game the so-called “bulletin board material.” That said, the Clippers hardly need any added motivation heading into Friday’s win-or-go-home showdown.

That’s not to say the Warriors aren’t a motivated squad, either. It bears recalling how well the Warriors bounced back after blowing a huge lead in humiliating and historic fashion in Game 2. Perhaps the team will replicate that performance in the wake of a disappointing Game 5 loss that left Steve Kerr extremely surly during his postgame press conference.

The again, the Warriors know a thing or two about a team staging an improbable comeback in a series in which they led 3-1.