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Kevin Durant joining Knicks ‘just a matter of putting pen to paper’?

Another day, another report suggesting Kevin Durant joining the New York Knicks is merely a formality.

Ian Begley of ESPN, in a deep dive concerning what the future holds for the Knicks, reports that “several” of Durant’s current teammates and “some” of his former teammates believe it’s inevitable that the Golden State Warriors superstar will head to the Big Apple.

An agent who represents another one of this coming offseason’s biggest prizes in free agency put it thusly: “Just a matter of putting pen to paper.”

Further, one executive surmised that Durant, after being dogged over the belief that he joined the Warriors to chase titles, believes winning with the Knicks “would change the narrative around him.”

Of course, speculation has been running rampant concerning Durant’s future beyond this season, much to the superstar’s chagrin, especially when it comes to the prevailing belief he’s set to join the Knicks.

This latest report concerning the purported certainty that Durant will ultimately the Knicks follows myriad others, with headlines to those stories ranging from it’s “done” deal to the speculative statement that the superstar is definitely leaving the Warriors “no matter what happens” in the postseason.

Durant, though, recently stressed he has yet to make a decision regarding his future, but what else is he expected to say in the midst of a bid for a three-peat with the Warriors?

In the end, the unending speculation, rampant rumors and inferences made by reading the tea leaves are nothing more than guesses, albeit potentially educated ones.

In other words, until Durant literally puts pen to paper to sign a contract with the Knicks — despite one unidentified agent’s insistence that’s definitely going to happen — no one really knows how all the Durant drama will end … except the superstar himself. Though, it’s arguably possible Durant isn’t even certain of what comes next just yet.