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No question, ‘Inside the NBA’ crew playing ‘Jeopardy!’ was a train wreck

“Jeopardy!” had been in the news of late thanks to James Holzhauer’s mind-blowing run on the iconic game show.

The professional sports gambler has applied the tricks of his trade in expert manner, racking up $1 million in winnings earlier this week thanks to aggressively gaming the board amid a run of 16 consecutive wins.

On the other side of the coin, though, was the spectacle on TNT Thursday night, when the “Inside the NBA” crew attempted to play “Jeopardy!” on an otherwise slower night in the league with only one postseason game on the schedule.

With Ernie Johnson taking on the duties of Alex Trebek — who is currently bravely soldiering on despite being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, it should be noted — Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal playing the role of “contestants,” as actually suggesting that these three basketball-heads even resembled actual “Jeopardy!” contestants would do a grand disservice to the legendary game show.

The silence as the three amigos stare blankly at the board at some points is deafening. Though, the questions posed in response to the clues were nothing short of baffling, either. “What are rocks?,” The Jet? Sheesh.

It goes without saying that the foray into “Jeopardy?” by the “Inside the NBA” crew better resembled how it was famously and hilariously spoofed on “Saturday Night Live” than the actual show.

No question about it, this spectacle, while awkwardly entertaining, was an unmitigated disaster. “What is train wreck?,” indeed.