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Rob Gronkowski offers ironically amusing advice to 2019 draft class

Rob Gronkowski without question enjoyed a Hall of Fame-caliber career before retiring in March after nine outstanding seasons with the New England Patriots.

Gronk’s exploits off the field arguably outshined his considerable prowess on it, making him one of the most outrageous and charismatic players ever to don an NFL uniform.

In that sense, perhaps Gronkowski may not be the best person to dispense advice to the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft class. On the other hand, it might make him perfect for the task, especially given the words of wisdom he has passed along, in a delightfully ironic twist, contained advice he himself did not follow at any point during his career.

The networks covering the 2019 NFL Draft are pulling out all the stops to further whip fans into a frenzy heading into Thursday night’s coverage of the first round. ESPN managed to secure Gronk’s services and in a hilarious video shared on social media, the former Pats tight end shares some sage advice for this year’s draft class.

Interesting, Gronk’s approach certainly stands in stark contrast to how another NFL legend recently went about doing the same.

What makes the video so amusing and entertaining is how Gronk’s advice is contradicted with interspersed clips that showcase how his tips don’t necessarily jibe with his long-established antics.

No. 1. Always Be Professional. Gronkowski is shown performing a pelvic-thrusting dance, acting goofy in a helmet while wearing a suit.

No. 2. Make Time For The Media. A clip in which Gronk busts out his legendary “Yo soy fiesta” one-liner.

No. 3. Act Like You’ve Been There. Gronk is shown in footage from various Super Bowl parade celebrations. Spiking beer cans, flexing shirtless, etc.

In other words, if soon-to-be NFL players want to be like Gronkowski, don’t follow his advice. That sounds about right, though it looks like much more fun to let one’s freak flag fly and channel one’s inner Gronk. You only live once.