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Kyrie Irving ‘appreciative’ of Kobe analyzing his game on ‘Details’

Kyrie Irving, like most players of his era, grew up idolizing Kobe Bryant. To no surprise, then, Irving is flattered that his game was recently analyzed by the Lakers legend on his show, “Details.”

In the nearly 20-minute episode available online, Bryant analyzed Irving’s performance in last Friday’s Game 3 between the Celtics and Pacers. Bryant recently shared a teaser on Twitter.

Irving has since weighed in on the iconic Bryant breaking down film of his performance and admitted he has been left humbled.

“I think it’s a very unique observation because of how special he is as a human being, first and foremost, and then as a basketball player,” Irving said during Wednesday’s practice, via WEEI. “He’s been on the highest of stages, asked to do a lot. So he understands what it takes for spacing, possession-by-possession games, little things in order to be more efficient out there with his movements. So I was just truly appreciative that he gave that to not only myself but to the fans.

“Not a lot of people see the game like that. Most people study analytics or just dive too much into the game of basketball. Not many people can understand the language of it when high-level basketball players speak it. And I think that he did a great job to try to make it as fundamental as possible.”

A story surfaced earlier this season that Bryant once counseled Irving and advised him that great players need to create conflict inside the locker room to inspire teammates.

Anyone who followed the Celtics this season would observe that Irving diligently followed Bryant’s advice this past season.

The Celtics, despite some tension, tumult and occasional dysfunction — mostly inspired by Irving’s enigmatic antics — appear to have hit their stride at the perfect time and are rolling into the Eastern Conference semifinals courtesy of sweeping the Pacers.

It sounds like Kobe’s advice was spot-on. Makes sense.