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Bryce Harper loses ‘MLB The Show’ Home Run Derby to Jimmy Fallon

Bryce Harper recently squared off against Jimmy Fallon on “MLB The Show 19” in Home Run Derby mode, and in a twist perhaps perfectly made for television, ended up on the losing end of the virtual long-ball battle.

Making matters even more amusing, Harper, fittingly using himself, came up short with the late-night host using New York Yankees slugger — and like Harper, a onetime real-life Home Run Derby champ — Aaron Judge.

On Wednesday, “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” shared footage of the Home Run Derby showdown between Fallon and the Philadelphia Phillies slugger that will air during the evening’s edition of the NBC program.

Harper is the celebrated cover athlete of the “MLB The Show 19,” so it must have made the loss to Fallon doubly humbling. Then again, it’s just a video game. Now, if Fallon ever edged Harper in a real-world version of the Home Run Derby? Now that would be something.