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David Griffin: There’s ‘reason to be optimistic’ about Anthony Davis

The prevailing belief is that the New Orleans Pelicans will have no choice but to trade disgruntled superstar Anthony Davis this coming offseason. It appears that new Pelicans executive vice president of basketball operations David Griffin is not yet convinced a Davis deal is inevitable.

Griffin, making an appearance Tuesday on ESPN’s “The Jump,” said he has “very good optimism” about the Pelicans’ Davis situation.

Griffin, as he noted upon his hiring, enjoys a collegial relationship with Davis’ agent, Rich Paul. Further, Griffin believes the Pelicans are “going to be able to alleviate” any concerns Davis has about the organization.

“I feel like there is reason to be optimistic that he’s going to be open minded to coming back,” Griffin said. “But the real question is, what does it look like and can we give each other what we really need and be the sort of expression of greatness for one another. I hope that we can. But it’s certainly not something we believe can’t happen.”

Davis previously expressed uncertainty over whether the Pelicans would trade him this summer, although that was more due to the previously shaky front-office situation. With Griffin now in the fold, perhaps there’s a possibility, however minute, that Davis could be convinced to remain in New Orleans. That still has to be considered an extreme long shot at best.

On a more humorous note, Griffin was asked about Davis’ much-ballyhooed “That’s All Folks!” shirt he wore to the Pelicans’ season finale earlier this month.

“I think that shirt was probably foreshadowing of ‘Space Jam 2’ as much as anything else,” Griffin said, referencing the LeBron James-starring film that is set to begin production this summer.