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Ezekiel Elliott has new ‘Zombie Zeke’ tattoo on leg

Ezekiel Elliott without question has a great fondness for tattoos, and his most recent batch of body ink arguably suggests he may be a fan of “Game of Thrones.”

The Dallas Cowboys running back showcased the new quasi-self-portrait tattoo while appearing at Von Miller’s charity event last weekend. Located on his lower right leg, Elliott’s “Zombie Zeke” tattoo depicts himself with pupil-less, dead eyes and a crown atop his head.

Without getting too deep into “Game of Thrones” mythology and storylines and such, the case can be made that Elliott either depicted himself similar to how Bran Stark appears while warging or — and this is a stretch — perhaps a member of the White Walkers.

Moving on, the tattoo that inspired the “Zombie Zeke” talk could be partially seen in the photograph Elliott shared on Instagram that spawned rampant speculation that the Cowboys star had gotten a little pudgy during the offseason.

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Elliott quickly silenced such chatter by sharing a video in which he looks in as good of shape as ever. Not only that, Elliott highlights how he weighs in at 230 on the scale, right about at his typical playing weight.

Too bad Elliott didn’t show off his new “Zombie Zeke” ink in the video.