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Eric Hosmer requires stitches following sauna accident

San Diego Padres first baseman Eric Hosmer suffered a mishap in a sauna over the weekend that required nine stitches above his right eye, reports

Hosmer became lightheaded while exiting the Padres’ sauna on Saturday night, presumably from the heat and possible dehydration, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. The lightheadedness led to Hosmer fainting and hitting his forehead.

“I just fell,” Hosmer said of the scary incident. “It wasn’t fun, that’s for sure. But I’m OK.”

Padres trainers treated Hosmer at the scene and the first baseman felt better after only a few minutes. The injury did not result in Hosmer missing any playing time, either, as he played the Padres’ 4-3 win Sunday over the Cincinnati Reds at Petco Park, contributing an RBI double.

Hosmer is not the first major leaguer to suffer an injury under bizarre circumstances this season. Tampa Bay Rays ace Blake Snell suffered a fractured fourth toe on his right foot last week while trying to move a granite decorative stand in his bathroom after getting out of the shower.

There of course are no shortage of instances where major leaguers have suffered bizarre injuries involving seemingly benign activities that have nothing to do with actually playing baseball. Cubs reliever Brandon Morrow, for example, injured his back last season while taking off his pants, of all things.

With his sauna mishap, Hosmer — while undoubtedly grateful over not suffering a serious injury — can now count himself among those ballplayers who have been bitten by the MLB bizarre injury bug.