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Rob Gronkowski is apparently blogging now

There has been plenty of speculation about what Rob Gronkowski will do now that his NFL career is over and done. Gronk has long had an affinity and interest in professional wrestling, so it would not come as surprise if he attempted to make a splash in the world of “sports entertainment” by way of the WWE.

Who would have thought, though, that a foray into blogging, of all things, would be one of his first post-retirement endeavors?

The former New England Patriots tight end shared a tweet Friday morning that promotes a post on his Gronk Nation site that covers the now-infamous incident where he dented the Lombardi Trophy while using it as a bat last week at Fenway Park.

Interestingly, the byline on the article titled, “How Gronk Left a Lasting Impression on the Patriots – and a Dent in the Lombardi Trophy,” is none other than Rob Gronkowski.

Even more intriguing, the entire blog post is written in the third person. To wit, the post opens as follows:

Rob Gronkowski certainly left his permanent mark on the Patriots – literally.

A “we-wouldn’t-believe-if-it-wasn’t-true” story came to light this week involving Gronk, Julian Edelman, the Lombardi Trophy and the Boston Red Sox that maybe our favorite thing ever.

Do you remember when Rob and some of his now-former Patriots teammates threw out first pitch at the Sox home opener in Fenway earlier this month? Well it turns out that even Super Bowl champions have performance anxiety.

While the Sox were getting their latest World Series rings in an on-field ceremony, the Pats guys were huddled in a tent waiting to come out. Seems innocent enough, right? What could go wrong … 

It’s entirely possible that Gronkowski opted to write in the third person about the Lombardi Trophy-denting affair as a matter of style. On the other hand, it’s also a distinct possibility that someone on Gronk’s team penned the piece for him.

Let’s just say it would be the safest bet to assume the latter.