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Tom Brady tweets meme to react to Gronk denting Lombardi Trophy

The New England Patriots shared footage Wednesday night on social media that documented how Rob Gronkowski inexplicably dented the team’s most recent Lombardi Trophy, and Tom Brady did not quite know how to react to it.

Gronkowski left a baseball-sized dent in the trophy after using it as a makeshift bat and attempting a bunt while the Patriots were at Fenway Park last week to celebrate the team’s Super Bowl LIII victory.

Julian Edelman, who was slated to later handle first-pitch duties before the Red Sox game, wanted a few warm-up tosses ahead of the ceremony. That set the scene for Gronkowski’s ill-advised bunt attempt.

The video, which featured footage of Gronk’s trophy hijinks as well as an oral history from Patriots players about the incident, quickly became a hit on social media, so much so that even Brady felt compelled to react.

Brady opted to go with the oft-used meme, the “Drew Scanlon Reaction,” to articulate his perplexed and bemused response to Gronk’s bunting antics.

Brady made his debut on Twitter on April Fools’ Day and certainly has taken well to the platform in only a few short weeks. Relying on well-worn but classic meme certainly shows Brady is getting a handle on this Twitter thing.