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Dwyane Wade met with Heat employees, took photos, signed autographs

Dwyane Wade made a surprise visit Wednesday to AmericanAirlines Arena to personally express his gratitude to the entire Miami Heat organization, including the many behind-the-scenes employees.

Wade, whose outstanding NBA career came to a close this season, addressed the entire staff before signing autographs and posing for photographs with individual employees. The line was so long for photos that it took Wade about 2.5 hours to wrap things up, reports the Miami Herald.

In a later tweet with attached video of the Heat legend signing autographs and the like, Wade indicated he was just “showing my appreciation for everything they do behind the scenes for all of us.”

Heat Internet Services Mobile Coordinator Christopher Pendas tweeted out well-earned praise to Wade for being a class act.

Wade will now leave the Heat as the franchise’s unquestioned No. 1 icon. It’s remarkably thoughtful and classy gestures like the one Wade made this week that illustrates that while he may be now gone, he will never be forgotten by the organization and its fans.