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Rob Gronkowski left dent in Lombardi Trophy by bunting with it

Rob Gronkowski left an indelible impression on the New England Patriots organization during his outstanding career. It sounds like the newly retired, larger-than-life tight end did the same to the Patriots’ latest Lombardi Trophy.

The Patriots’ official Twitter account posted a documentary of sorts Wednesday that provides an oral history of exactly how Gronkowski ended up putting a baseball-sized dent in the Lombardi Trophy.

In the video, Gronk is shown using the trophy as a makeshift bat, with which he outrageously attempted a bunt on a pitch from Julian Edelman.

The incident in question occurred during the Patriots’ visit to Fenway Park last week where the Pats and Red Sox jointly celebrated their respective championships. Edelman wanted to warm up a bit ahead of participating in the ceremonial first pitch.

“Somebody had the bright idea to have Rob go be the hitter while Julian was practicing pitching,” Patriots backup quarterback Brian Hoyer told the team’s website.

Edelman has since pleaded ignorance to his role in the trophy-denting.

The Patriots may decide to repair the dent at some point down the line, but for now, the organization will leave the trophy as is, perhaps as a testament to Gronkowski’s out-of-this-world persona.

“We’re going to keep the dent and tell the story,” Patriots executive vice president of media relations Stacey James said.

For now, though, the dent will stay, and is there really any better way Gronk for Gronk to put an exclamation point on his Patriots career than damaging the Lombardi Trophy?

“Rob’s parting gift to the organization was leaving his mark on his last Super Bowl trophy,” Hoyer astutely observed.