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Report: Kevin Durant leaving Warriors ‘no matter what happens’ in playoffs

Speculation has run rampant all season about what Kevin Durant intends to do this coming summer, including if how the Golden State Warriors fare in the postseason could impact the superstar’s decision.

It sounds like many in the NBA believe Durant is as good as gone regardless of whether the Warriors finish up with a third consecutive championship or their season ends in playoff disappointment.

According to The Athletic’s Tim Kawkami, “Most people in the NBA don’t expect Durant to re-sign with the Warriors no matter what happens in the playoffs.”

Durant, who obviously played an integral role in the Warriors’ past two titles, winning NBA Finals MVP both times, has been cagey at best all season concerning his NBA future. It is believed to be a certainty that he will at the very least decline his contract option for the 2019-20 season and become a free agent.

From there? It’s been anyone’s guess. Those who proclaim to be in the know, however, are predicting Durant’s imminent departure.

That said, there is said to be a purported consensus among Warriors players that Durant is free to do what he believes is best for himself, albeit with a minor caveat.

“It’s the tacit bargain that I believe the Warriors’ headliners all made—hang together to give their shot for a three-peat and then if Durant leaves, he leaves with no apologies necessary. But there’s inherent tension in that, too, of course,” Kawkami writes.

Numerous reports have suggested that it is almost an inevitability that Durant will sign with the New York Knicks.

Durant, however, recently insisted he has yet to make a decision regarding his future, stressing he is solely focused on the Warriors’ postseason run (which took a temporary turn for the worse earlier this week in historic fashion).

Until then, perhaps everyone should heed Durant’s advice about what to do in the interim: “Yo, just watch the game. Just focus on the game and stop nitpicking, because it is a beautiful game going on out there.”