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C.J. Mosley: Adam Gase came to Jets to dethrone Patriots in AFC East

Adam Gase is not about to set modest goals in his first year with the New York Jets. In fact, Jets linebacker C.J. Mosley indicated the new head coach has exceedingly lofty aspirations: Dethrone the New England Patriots.

Gase of course arrives to the Jets well-versed in how the Patriots have dominated the AFC East for almost two decades, having previously served as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins from 2016-2018.

Despite bearing witness to the Patriots’ ironclad control of the division, Mosley indicated Gase’s message concerning the “Evil Empire” was clear.

“He’s going for that one team that’s been winning every single year in the division,” Mosley said Wednesday, via the New York Daily News. “He said that’s one of the main reasons he came here. We all believe that. And the guys that are the new additions to the team … we’re pretty much here for the same reason. We know what team’s been up top for a long time. We feel we have the tools, the players and the game-plan to get that done.”

The Patriots have won the AFC East in 15 of the past 16 seasons, with 10 consecutive division titles heading into the 2019 NFL season. Gase, meanwhile, posted a 2-4 record against the Pats in three seasons with the Dolphins.

The Jets ought to be considered a rising team in the NFL ranks with a talented roster that boasts a potential franchise quarterback in Sam Darnold, who should greatly benefit from the arrival of Le’Veon Bell.

That said, the Jets face a difficult challenge in usurping the Patriots atop the division. That does not mean Gase — who made an unwanted splash at his introductory press conference in January — and Gang Green aren’t gunning for them.

“He came here to win,” Mosley said. “At the end of the day, history shows who we have to beat to get to that top spot. Not overlooking anybody else in the division definitely or anybody else on our schedule, but we know if you want to get to where we got to be, we know what chair we got to knock off.”

Many teams have attempted to seize the reins of the division away from the reigning Super Bowl champion Patriots over the years, only to fail. Are the Jets the team to do it at long last? Time will tell, but until some team does, there’s no reason to doubt the dynasty, even with Gase’s apparent optimism.