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Bart Scott shares great story about how Bill Belichick once snubbed him

Bart Scott has never had an issue proclaiming his extreme dislike of Bill Belichick, and the former NFL linebacker has now shared the details of an on-field encounter that he believes justifies his vitriolic feelings for the New England Patriots head coach.

Scott, now in broadcasting, recently made an appearance on Bleacher Report’s “The Lefkoe Show.” The encounter in question involving Belichick that Scott details seemingly occurred following the AFC Championship Game in 2015 between the Patriots and Colts. While standing on the sideline with Tony Gonzalez and Bill Cowher, Scott claims Belichick approached the three and outright snubbed him.

“We’re on the sideline, it’s the AFC Championship,” Scott recalls, as transcribed by the New York Post. “Me, [Bill] Cowher and Tony [Gonzalez] chopping it up. This is me and Tony’s first AFC Championship. It’s cool, it’s loud, it’s AFC Championship.

“[Belichick] walks up, shakes Tony’s hand, speaks to Tony. Speaks to Bill. I’m literally standing — we almost shoulder to shoulder. He says absolutely nothing to me, don’t even look at me. At this point I’m like, bro, now you’ve been an a–hole. It’s fine you’ve been an a–hole over there, but you came over to us, a group of us. Tony kind of gave that look like, ‘Don’t do that.’ I was about to say, ‘You rude, mother-(expletive).”

Playing for the Ravens from 2002-09 and Jets from 2009-12 obviously made Scott an enemy given the Patriots’ rivalries with those teams at those times. That said, at the time of the encounter, Belichick arguably should have no longer viewed Scott in such a hostile manner.

That said, Belichick is known for remembering any perceived slight, so it’s likely he recalled Scott’s infamous “Can’t wait!” interview after the Jets beat the Pats in a divisional-round matchup in 2011.

As noted, Scott has never held back when expressing his hostilities toward the Patriots. It would appear that some of that enmity stems from him getting shunned by Belichick. It stands to reason, though, that there’s no love lost for Scott on Belichick’s behalf, either.