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Tom Brady shares his infamous combine pic on 2000 draft anniversary

Tom Brady has long been mocked and ridiculed over an infamous photograph from the 2000 scouting combine, and the New England Patriots quarterback demonstrated a sense of humor about it all by sharing the image on Twitter.

Tuesday marks the 19th anniversary of the day when the Patriots selected Brady with the 199th selection in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft. Brady obviously was not highly regarded going into the draft, and while the aforementioned photograph presumably had little do with said lack of interest, it still makes for an amusing image.

To celebrate the big moment in his ultimately phenomenal NFL career, Brady posted the still-infamous photograph.

It’s hardly a surprise Brady cracked wise about the unflattering image, as he’s never been one to shy away from making fun of himself on social media.

The Patriots, on the other hand, opted instead to properly pay tribute to their superstar quarterback in their tweet on the draft’s anniversary.

Brady, a known social media provocateur (although previously mostly on Instagram and Facebook), made his debut on Twitter on April 1 and certainly has taken well to the platform in only a few short weeks.

While Tuesday’s tweet did take on a more serious tone — save for the “did they stop taking these photos after mine?” quip — expect his Twitter dispatches to be more of the silly hijinks variety throughout the offseason.