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Draymond Green’s mom retweets Kevin Durant shade amid Warriors’ loss

Mary Babers Green, mother to Draymond Green, is known to go on Twitter rants from time to time, and having to endure the Golden State Warriors’ historic loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday night inspired another one of her patented social media outbursts.

The Warriors inexplicably blew a 31-point lead midway through the third quarter in a stunning 135-131 Game 2 loss. It made for the largest comeback in NBA postseason history.

Babers Green mostly retweeted other’s reactions to the game as opposed to articulating her own thoughts, but one tweet made how she was feeling about the Warriors’ choke-job abundantly clear.

One of the many retweets out of Babers Green that is attracting the most attention, though, is one in which Kevin Durant is called out for his abysmal performance in the Game 2 loss. The tweet in question pointed out how Durant had more turnovers (9) in the game than shot attempts (8).

What makes Babers Green’s Durant shade even more interesting is this is not the first time she has gone after her son’s teammate on social media. She roundly criticized Durant’s role in a Game 2 loss in the Western Conference Finals to the Houston Rockets last year in a scathing tweet.

The fact that Green and Durant famously feuded this past season only adds further intrigue to the social media shade. Babers Green also lit up Twitter this past November to defend Green in the wake of the the two teammates quarreling.

It goes without saying that Babers Green probably spoke for many disappointed Warriors fans on Monday night, and odds are she’ll return to Twitter to do the same should the team somehow continue to struggle this postseason.