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Brian Cashman defends Yankees medical staff amid myriad injuries

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman went to bat Tuesday for the team’s medical staff despite the staggering amount of injuries suffered by players so far this season, calling them “great.”

First baseman Greg Bird became the latest Yankee to hit the injured list after being diagnosed with a left plantar fascia tear, making him the 13th, and 12th current, Yankees player that has landed on the IL.

With that in mind, it would be an understatement to observe that the Yankees are encumbered by an inordinate amount of the so-called walking wounded, calling into question just what is happening.

Cashman nevertheless refused to throw the Yankees medical staff under the bus during a Tuesday phone call, despite the argument that something potentially could be amiss amid the myriad injuries.

Cashman described his medical/training team as “great” and loaded with experience and called the hospital (Columbia Presbyterian) that the Yankees are associated with “the best in the world.” Cashman said other organizations are regularly trying to poach Yankees medical/training personnel as a way to accentuate their skill and reputation. And he noted, as he has done earlier, that most players (as is their right) go for second opinions to other doctors, and the Yankees’ recommendations are validated in that way.

Cashman added that Bird’s addition to the litany of players hitting the injured list certainly lends to an unfavorable narrative as far as the medical staff is concerned. That said, the Yankees general manager insists the correct protocols and policies are in place.

The Yankees general manager pointed to specific players who have suffered injuries — Miguel Andujar and Gary Sanchez among them — whose setbacks could not possibly had anything to do with a suspect medical staff.

Cashman’s comments suggest he believes the onslaught of injured players so far this season is nothing more than an unfortunate run of bad luck. While that may indeed be the case, what the Yankees have experienced on the injury front is nevertheless nothing short of baffling.