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Magic Johnson takes to Twitter to praise Jeanie Buss, Rob Pelinka

Magic Johnson stunningly resigned as Los Angeles Lakers president of basketball operations earlier this week, and he has now surfaced on social media to show some love for two of his former colleagues.

Johnson, who posted a series of tweets Wednesday in the wake of Tuesday night’s shocking resignation announcement, returned again to Twitter Friday to praise Lakers co-owner and CEO Jeanie Buss and general manager Rob Pelinka.

While not as effusive as his tweets about Buss, Johnson did shout out Pelinka in a later social media dispatch.

What makes the praise of Lakers general manager especially interesting is Johnson was believed to have wanted to fire Pelinka before ultimately electing to resign. Interestingly, Johnson was also said to have wanted to fire embattled head coach Luke Walton as well but instead decided to leave the organization.

While announcing his resignation, Johnson also indicated he did not discuss his plans with Buss before making the move. It remains unclear whether or not Buss and Johnson have spoken yet, which also makes his tweets Friday come off as a bit strange.

Further, Johnson’s abrupt departure have left both Buss and Pelinka holding the bag, as it were, ahead of what was already going to be a summer dominated by challenges and change.

Now, the organization will embark upon a critical offseason without Johnson, something that arguably could have left both Buss and Pelinka feeling a bit betrayed by the former Lakers president’s perceptively impulsive departure. Tweeted praise presumably is unlikely to soothe any resentment, if there is any, either.