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A-Rod still cringes over ill-conceived mirror-kiss photoshoot

Alex Rodriguez will never live down a photograph from a shoot in 2009 for Details magazine in which he kisses his own reflection in the mirror. In fact, A-Rod admits that he cannot help but “cringe” when recalling the pic from the still-infamous and arguably ill-conceived photoshoot.

In a wide-ranging recent interview with David Marchese of The New York Times Magazine, Rodriguez touches on what led to the photo and how it still embarrasses him.

“I cringe at that. We were ending the photo shoot, and I wanted to run out of there,” A-Rod recollects. “I think Steven Klein was the photographer, and he was like, Let’s just shoot one more. And I’m like, What? I just want to eat a burger. Let me get out of here.”

Rodriguez was asked a follow-up question about whether burgers were part of his diet at the time.

“No, but I was probably starving. Yeah, I just kissed the mirror, not even thinking,” Rodriguez said. “But I did a lot of things like that. I took my shirt off at Central Park and decided to get sun in the middle of the day.”

A rumor circulated several years ago that Rodriguez owned a painting of himself depicted as a centaur, something he vehemently denied in the interview.

“100 percent not true,” Rodriguez insists. “I wish it was true because it’s such a cool story.”

Rodriguez’s concerted effort to rehabilitate his image after becoming one of the biggest pariahs in Major League Baseball history have proven remarkably fruitful and paid dividends, as evidenced by the success he’s currently enjoying on the media side of baseball.

The candidness showcased by A-Rod in this interview has played a significant role in why he’s no longer perceived as the most hated man in baseball. At the very least, considerably less people now hold him in as low regard as they once did.