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Three former MVPs unlikely to join LeBron James in ‘Space Jam 2’

LeBron James is having trouble attracting big-time NBA stars to join him in “Space Jam 2,” and now it sounds like three former MVPs won’t be signing on for the film, either.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that it’s unlikely that Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and James Harden will appear in “Space Jam 2,” which is slated to begin production this summer.

Instead of it being some kind of slight to James, the decisions are believed to be solely based — at least when it comes to two of the players mentioned — on the all-consuming, highly competitive and cutthroat sneaker wars.

James of course has a highly lucrative lifetime contract with Nike, and the athletic company is said to be integral to the “Space Jam” franchise, going back to the Michael Jordan-starring original.

Curry endorses Under Armour and Harden reps for Adidas, so their potential involvement in “Space Jam 2” is “nearly impossible,” according to sources.

Durant, on the other hand, is said to be more interested in pursuing his own interests in Hollywood as opposed to playing second fiddle to James.

It merits noting that Warner Bros., not James, is ultimately responsible for bringing in NBA talent for the film. That said, one would think the allure of taking part in what undoubtedly will be a hit movie alongside James would be enticing to most players.

The rush of NBA stars agreeing to appear in the film has yet to come to fruition, as reports suggest Warner Bros. and “Space Jam 2” producers, including James, are having great difficulty attracting top NBA talent to sign on.

The news that the three former league MVPs noted above will not appear in “Space Jam 2” comes on the heels of Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo saying he has no interest in appearing in the film, although his reasons are much more personal and practical in nature.

Still, odds are when it’s all said and done, Warner Bros. will make sure the cast surrounding James boasts some big-time NBA stars. Time is running out, though.