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T-Wolves rebranded ‘Direwolves’ ahead of ‘GoT’ season premiere

One would have to be living under a rock to not to be aware of the fact that the HBO smash series “Game of Thrones” will have its final-season premiere on Sunday.

There has been numerous crossovers involving “GoT” and professional sports for promotional purposes, and the Minnesota Timberwolves have become the latest team to attempt to cash in on the pop culture phenomenon.

The T-Wolves announced on social media Tuesday morning that the team has been temporarily rebranded as “Direwolves.” The change includes an alteration of the team’s logo, which will temporarily include “Minnesota Direwolves” as the name and an altered logo, which features “Game of Thrones”-inspired graphics and typography.

Several T-Wolves players have been tabbed to be part of the promotion, including Karl-Anthony Towns and Dario Saric.

The Timberwolves also got in on the “Game of Thrones” hysteria in an announcement on their official site by promoting Tuesday’s game against the Toronto Raptors in distinctly “GoT”-inspired prose.

The House of Toronto Raptors will run wild in our enclaves.

In hopes to exert their dominance.

Our existence will be tested.

Our team will be challenged.

But we will fight together.

With All Eyes North.

Join us on this day as we take part in battle.

As we unleash a form unknown to thee.

The most powerful form of the realm.

The Direwolves.

The rebranding unsurprisingly includes a profit-driven component, as it was revealed soon after the initial announcement that “Direwolves” merchandise is also available.

The Wolves-Direwolves link — not to mention the Timberwolves’ “All Eyes North” slogan — makes Minnesota’s bid to capitalize on “Game of Thrones” hysteria a virtual no-brainer.

It should go without saying as well that T-Wolves fans who also count themselves “GoT” fanatics will be eager to score some Direwolves gear. Given the immense popularity of “Game of Thrones,” odds are these limited-edition items will be quick to sell out.