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Brady, Belichick, Kraft won’t represent Pats at Red Sox home opener

It was announced last week that the Boston Red Sox will host the New England Patriots at Fenway Park at their home opener Tuesday so both teams could celebrate their respective championships. In something of a major surprise, it turns out some pretty big names from the Patriots will not be in attendance.

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft are not expected to pay a visit to Fenway to celebrate the Patriots’ Super Bowl LIII triumph, according to a Reuters report.

The Patriots famously made an appearance at Fenway on Opening Day just two years ago when Brady, Kraft and Belichick, among others, paid a visit to celebrate the Patriots’ Super Bowl LI victory. Brady handled ceremonial first pitch duties and later engaged in some on-field shenanigans with Rob Gronkowski.

Speaking of Gronk, the recently retired tight end is expected to attend Tuesday’s ceremonies, so there certainly will still be some star power showing up at the ballpark to represent the Patriots.

The notion that Kraft would pass on attending Tuesday’s festivities amid his legal issues makes some semblance of sense, but the expected no-shows by Brady and Belichick is certainly a stunning development.