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Final Four party liability waiver signs spoiled by comical spelling errors

The Final Four is set to descend upon Minneapolis, but it looks like the individuals tasked with overseeing the preparation of liability waiver signs for an outdoor party did not enlist the services of a proofreader.

As was the case when Minneapolis hosted Super Bowl LII in 2018, the city’s Nicollet Mall will host an outdoor event for visitors. Called the “Tip-Off Tailgate,” the free party will feature food, games and a giant Ferris wheel, as well as free concerts, according to the Star Tribune.

Lawyers to no surprise were involved in order to protect the NCAA from any liability should something unfortunate occur to anyone attending the event, among other things. It’s too bad that the signs set to be displayed around downtown had both “liability” and “NCAA” misspelled.

The headline on the signs, stacked together in downtown Minneapolis, reads: “Libility Disclaimer” when they should refer to a “Liability Disclaimer.”

In finer print, the signs inform visitors that by entering the street party, they’re waiving all potential liability claims for anything that occurs at the party and consenting to be recorded and photographed and have no claim on those images. Further down in smaller print, the sign refers to the “NCCA.” That would be the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). 

The signs bearing the egregious misspellings seem to have started garnering attention on reddit, where to no surprise the spelling gaffes were mocked and ridiculed to a deservedly hilarious degree.

Humor aside, the above signs are not the first time misspellings and the world of sports have crossed paths, and it certainly won’t be the last.