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LeBron James posts strange tequila-centic IG video

The Los Angeles Lakers had a day off Thursday as the team plays out the string in an utterly disappointing season, and LeBron James opted to share a relatively odd video featuring alternating shots of a tequila bottle and himself making strange faces.

James — who sat out yet another game Wednesday over “load management” concerns — took to Instagram at some point Thursday to post a story that certainly raised some eyebrows, which of course is always the case with any musings James shares on social media.

It’s difficult to discern exactly what James is trying to convey with the video, although it’s safe to say at the very least that much like his views on wine, he’s a big fan of tequila.

James has never shied away from issuing cryptic dispatches on Twitter, Instagram and the like, which frequently results in the NBA world attempting to read tea leaves in an effort to interpret their respective meanings.

That likely will be the case with this latest video, even though there is arguably nothing to glean from the footage beyond the notion James liked the tequila bottle and attempted to imitate the face on it.

That said, there’s a good chance the superstar’s biggest critics will use the arguably innocuous and meaningless video as fodder to bash him over the Lakers’ underwhelming first season of the LeBron James Era. That, too, is how these kind of situations typically play out.