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LeBron James made ‘raspberry sound’ when asked about Lakers’ roster

LeBron James’ first season with the Los Angeles Lakers obviously did not go as planned, and it sounds like the superstar believes how the team constructed its roster may have played a significant role.

In a deep dive by ESPN’s Dave McMenamin about how the Lakers wasted Year 1 of the LeBron James era, the roster additions and subtractions the team made in the wake of landing LeBron receive heavy scrutiny.

Among the conclusions drawn is how for the first time in his career, James was surrounded by playmakers instead of “elite-level shooters.”

“That experiment?” James said of the roster construction for his first season in L.A.

James stared out onto the court for a moment, turned his attention back to the conversation, pursed his lips and stuck out his tongue as he trumpeted air out of his mouth, making a raspberry sound.


Suffice to say, said “raspberry sound” is not a vocalization signaling any semblance of an endorsement.

There has been to no surprise an abundance of criticism over the Lakers falling well short of expectations this season. The case can be made that experts and analysts — save for one outspoken talking head — expected far too much out of a roster consisting of James, some added veterans and a very young nucleus.

The fact that James seemingly has issues with exactly how that roster was constructed adds another layer to the drama surrounding such a profoundly frustrating season.