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Mike Krzyzewski uses Beyoncé to inspire Duke players?

The Duke Blue Devils are again in the Sweet 16, and it’s entirely possible that Mike Krzyzewski at some point this season turned to Beyoncé to inspire his players.

Coach K evidently is a huge Queen Bey fan, so much so that he uses the pop superstar to demonstrate how her tireless effort and preparation illustrate the surefire means to achieve success.

Former Blue Devils star Quinn Cook recently made an appearance on UNINTERRUPTED podcast “Road Trippin'” and discussed Krzyzewski’s affinity and admiration for Beyoncé.

“He loves Beyoncé, he loves Beyoncé. He, like, loves Beyoncé,” said Quinn Cook, as transcribed by CBS Sports. “I remember one time we weren’t practicing the right way and it was trickling into our games, we were barely beating teams we were supposed to manhandle. We come into film in a big dark theater, and he’s like ‘yeah, Kevin [Duke’s video guy] turn it on.’ And it was Beyoncé walking, talking to her dancers, talking to everyone in the room, how she wants this, wants that.

“And [Coach K] is showing how hard she’s practicing, she’s rehearsing for a show; she’s going full speed, sweating, she was demanding greatness in her rehearsal. It transferred to her doing a show that night, and that was his correlation of how hard you have to practice for it to transfer into a game. We started practicing a little harder after that.”

It merits noting that Coach K has previously revealed himself to be a huge Beyonce fan. Back in 2013, he went so far as to say he’s “madly in love” with her, which came about the same time Duke shared a photograph of him posing with Beyoncé.

So, who knows? As Krzyzewski prepares the Blue Devils for Friday’s Sweet 16 matchup with the Virginia Tech Hokies, perhaps he’ll blast some Beyoncé music in the practice gym to pump up the players.