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Jimmy Butler owes $30K to Antonio Brown over 1-on-1 gridiron showdown

Jimmy Butler and Antonio Brown enjoy a friendship that goes back a few years, but the two highly competitive athletes put some serious money on the line over a 1-on-1 showdown on the gridiron.

Butler, the Philadelphia 76ers star who once dubiously boasted he had the talent to be a top-tier NFL wide receiver — much to the new Oakland Raiders wideout’s bemused chagrin — apparently is on the hook for $30,000 over his inability to shut Brown down in red-zone pass coverage.

It turns out that none other than Russell Wilson was the man tasked with tossing the ball to Brown with Butler in coverage, as the Sixers guard recently shared.

“You’re talking about the best receiver in the league and Russ at quarterback,” Butler said. “Just sayin’ if the Raiders had me opposite of [Brown], you never know where we could go.”

The gridiron showdown between Butler and Brown may have came last year when the two pals once worked out together on the football field.

It’s unclear whether or not Butler had paid up for his lost wager, although it goes without saying he’s good for it.