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Eli Manning ‘had to Google’ what young Eagles fan said about his mom

Athletes undoubtedly encounter unruly fans every time they step foot in enemy territory at a rival stadium or arena, but Eli Manning says Philadelphia Eagles fans are a cut above — or below, depending upon one’s point of view — in that regard.

During a Q&A hosted by NYIT Center for Sports Medicine/Head Injury Association on Wednesday night, the New York Giants quarterback shared an outrageous story about an interaction he once had with a very young Eagles backer.

“You go there, and that 9-year-old kid is giving you the double finger,” he said, via Newsday. “Not a thumbs-up. Not, ‘We’re No. 1.’ And he said something about my mom; I had to Google what it was. It’s just different. It’s a different culture.”

He has been at it so long, he said, that he has seen young Philadelphia fans grow up before his eyes. “Now I see him and he’s got his 9-year-old kid with him,” Manning said, smiling. “Same deal. It runs in the families down there.”

Manning has played in 16 games at Lincoln Financial Field since 2004, posting a 6-10 record. How much the vitriol-filled environment played a role in rattling those Giants teams obviously cannot be quantified, but it goes without saying encountering such hostilities cannot help.

Philadelphia sports fans have suffered from a notoriously bad rap for decades, which in some respects is quite unfair. The case can be made Philly fanatics are no worse than any other passionate fan base, despite the presence of some high-profile incidents.

That said, anecdotes like the one shared by Manning certainly demonstrates visiting athletes better be prepared for anything when visiting Philadelphia, even if they need to Google stuff after the game.