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Charles Barkley blasts LaVar Ball amid Big Baller Brand scandal

Charles Barkley has long professed little love for LaVar Ball, and the outspoken NBA analyst put the father of Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball on absolute blast in the wake of the scandal plaguing Big Baller Brand.

A report alleges that Alan Foster, a family friend and co-founder of Big Baller Brand, cannot account for $1.5 million in funds missing from Lonzo Ball’s personal and business accounts. The discovery has inspired the Lakers guard to sever ties with company.

In light of the troubling scandal, Barkley harshly took the elder Ball to task for putting his son in such a predicament during an appearance Wednesday on ESPN’s “Get Up.”

What set Barkley off was how host Jalen Rose brought up how Lonzo Ball broke with Big Baller Brand to “be his own man.”

“Well, he should have been his own man from the beginning,” Barkley said. “You can’t let your family members try to piggyback on your success… This thing has been a disaster from Day 1 and it was never going to work. And I feel bad because it’s this ol’ big mouth, jackass dad that’s put his kids in an awkward situation all year.

“Like I said, I don’t want to see anything bad happen to the kid, but I don’t like his dad at all and this thing has been a joke from the beginning.”

Barkley has never been one to hold back when afforded the opportunity, so his terse commentary comes as no surprise. Further, given how LaVar Ball frequently courts controversy — often at the expense of his three basketball-playing sons — makes him an arguably deserving target, especially in Barkley’s eyes, among many others.

It will be interesting to see if Barkley’s brutal takedown elicits a reaction from the similarly outspoken Ball. After all, it’s standard operating procedure for LaVar Ball to eagerly engage in battles in such a manner, regardless of the outlandishness of his oft-outrageous stances.