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Mets pitchers working off makeshift mounds during Syracuse visit

The New York Mets’ trip to Syracuse, N.Y., for a workout just before Opening Day has been a much-maligned affair, with ace Noah Syndergaard being the most vocal while bemoaning the decision.

Photographs surfacing on Twitter Tuesday from the hometown of the Mets’ Triple-A affiliate presents troubling evidence of the questionable conditions players found upon their arrival.

The Mets are conducting workouts in the Carrier Dome, and the team’s pitchers evidently are being forced to get in their work on makeshift mounds.

Syndergaard presumably was not even aware of what kind of things were in store for the team when he blasted the trip over the weekend.

Despite his stated unhappiness, to put it mildly, over the Syracuse trip, Syndergaard nevertheless got some work in off the “pitcher’s mound.”

Thankfully, Syndergaard made it through his makeshift-mound workout no worse for wear.

It arguably is not the best look for an MLB team to be conducting workouts in such substandard facilities, so Syndergaard’s reservations against the trip are arguably justified.

Making matters even worse? The Mets’ travel to Syracuse was not without incident, either.

Talk about an ominous harbinger of things to come, to say the least.