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Giants co-owners take different approaches to Robert Kraft scandal

New York Giants co-owners Steve Tisch and John Mara presumably are on the same page as it relates to overseeing the organization, but the two could not have taken more different approaches to addressing Robert Kraft’s legal issues.

The embattled New England Patriots owner is embroiled in scandal and battling solicitation of prostitution charges after becoming ensnared in a Florida sting operation.

While Kraft is avoiding the spotlight and keeping a low profile at this week’s Annual League Meeting, he did issue a lengthy statement of apology over the weekend.

“I am truly sorry. I know I have hurt and disappointed my family, my close friends, my co-workers, our fans and many others who rightfully hold me to a higher standard,” the statement read in part.

Kraft’s statement is what Tisch specifically opted to address this week. Suffice to say, Tisch is sympathetic to his fellow NFL owner’s plight.

“I think what Robert said yesterday very publicly, I think it came from his heart,” Tisch said, via Newsday. “I think he was really addressing his family, his team, his players, his friends and Patriots fans. And, I think, in some ways, 31 other team owners. It’s probably very, very tough for him to make those statements.”

Mara, meanwhile, could not have made it more clear he had no interest whatsoever in publicly commenting on the Kraft scandal.

 “What good could possibly come out of commenting on that?”

He then ribbed Tisch for his comments on Kraft, per the New York Post.

“I guess you didn’t take my lead on the no-comment,” he told Tisch.

Much remains up in the air related to Kraft’s situation, both on the legal front and what the NFL will do once his case is adjudicated in a court of law. It certainly will be interesting to monitor how both the NFL and owners handle such a delicate situation as Kraft navigates the legal system and the PR disaster in which he finds himself.