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CBS to employ ‘Zion Cam’ for Duke’s game vs. North Dakota St.

Zion Williamson not surprisingly is receiving top billing in the early stages of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, so CBS is pulling out all the stops to ensure the Duke Blue Devils superstar is thoroughly covered during telecasts.

The News & Observer reports CBS will employ what it is dubbing the “Zion Cam” for top-seeded Duke’s showdown with the North Dakota State Bison on Friday night at Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, S.C.

“Because of Zion (Williamson), we have added a camera dedicated to him the whole time he is on the floor,” CBS coordinating producer of college basketball Marc Wolff said. “We hired a cameraman, a camera, a digital tape machine to record everything he does.”

It sounds like CBS is not limiting the “Zion Cam” to only games, either.

“We were recording his workout here today in the event something were to happen,” Wolff said. “We are monitoring Zion 24-7.”

Such round-the-clock coverage of Williamson may seem overkill, but the interest in the 18-year-old phenom and consensus No. 1 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft is seemingly limitless, so it stands to reason CBS would want to capitalize on the hype.

It merits noting that CBS is not the first network to believe it’s a great idea to provide iso-camera coverage of Williamson. ESPN came up with the concept earlier in the season, although Williamson was injured at the time and on the bench for the entire telecast after suffering a bizarre injury during a game when his shoe infamously exploded.

Suffice to say, that instance of “Zion Cam” was widely panned on social media. Given Williamson will play Friday night, odds are Friday’s iteration of the wall-to-wall coverage will be much more well received.