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Kent Bazemore tweets thoughts on schooling from James Harden

Kent Bazemore was the talk of NBA Twitter Tuesday night for all the wrong reasons. So much so, in fact, that the Atlanta Hawks player felt compelled to take to social media the morning after to explain himself.

During the Hawks’ 121-105 loss to the Houston Rockets, Bazemore was victimized by a vicious James Harden crossover. Terms such as “put in a blender” and “doing the Macarena” were thrown about on Twitter to colorfully illustrate the ruthlessness of Harden’s cold-blooded crossover, not to mention how the move made Bazemore appear utterly helpless.

Granted, Bazemore was not the first, nor will he be the last, to be left looking foolish amid the spectacle of Harden’s brilliantly filthy offensive game. That did not prevent Bazemore, however, from taking to Twitter to give his side of the story.

One almost has to feel bad for Bazemore over how he felt the need to explain himself in such a manner, although the mock and ridicule directed at him on social media — if he elected to take a look — was pretty harsh.

Harden without question is among the most offensively gifted players of all time and could very well end up with back-to-back MVP awards when this season is all said and done. Bazemore is simply the most recent victim of the superstar’s greatness, and there’s arguably no reason to have to explain why.