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Tom Brady does ‘film breakdown’ of skiing skills in amusing IG video

Tom Brady and the family are en route to Montana for what most assuredly will be a fun-filled ski vacation. The New England Patriots quarterback, known for his rigorous commitment to preparation, is meticulously getting ready for some serious skiing the exact same way he does for the gridiron: With a “film breakdown.”

Brady, a known practicer of social media whimsy, had some fun on Instagram Friday with a video showing him reviewing footage of himself on the slopes.

“This is from two years ago,” he said, via ESPN. “This was me. I was taking way too much time getting into this jump, and I pushed off, and I was way ahead of my skis. Then full left shoulder. That was a lot of pain.”

Brady subsequently mentions how he’s been breaking down film of recently retired downhill icon Lindsey Vonn, praising her perfect balance despite hitting faster speeds on bigger hills.

“That’s what it’s got to be. Let’s go!” Brady observed.

As noted, Brady tends to get silly on social media during his down time, and the above video is no different.

However, a quick review of the comments on Brady’s IG post show how the notion of him skiing is filling Patriots fans with dread, similar to the reaction to his infamous cliff-diving social media dispatch from many years back, and even that inspired social-media silliness out of Brady years later.

In other words, Patriots fans would prefer it if Brady stuck to sipping hot cocoa in the chalet instead of testing his skiing skills on the slopes, regardless of his astute preparation.