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Mitch Trubisky reacts to Bears fan’s shout-out on ‘The Price Is Right’

A Chicago Bears fan utilized his moment on a national-television stage to give a shout-out to Mitch Trubisky, and the fact the quarterback had a reaction over it on Twitter probably made the guy’s day.

While spinning the “Big Wheel” during his recent appearance on the long-running game show, Ethan Asofsky, a University of Illinois grad currently enrolled at UCLA’s law school, mentioned the Bears signal-caller, among others, saying he wanted to thank “my fiancee, Hillary, my pal Matt from law school who’s here with me and Mitchell Trubisky, my buddy.”

Recognizing how his Trubisky shout-out may turn into a viral moment, Asofsky took to Twitter to acknowledge it was him on the show.

Later, Trubisky himself made note of the shout-out on Twitter, jokingly calling Asofsky his “buddy,” too, despite having never met.

Asofsky later explained to the Chicago Tribune how he erroneously referred to Trubisky as his “buddy.”

“I should have said ‘Bear Down,’ but I was so nervous I said ‘my buddy.’ … it was just a hilarious slip of the tongue.”

He said he was flooded with questions today from people who wanted to know how he knew Trubisky, whom he never has met.

The icing on the cake? Asofsky won a 58-inch television and a hard-boiled egg maker on the show.

Regarding his “Come On Down!” moment and Trubisky shout-out?

“It was all in good fun,” Asofsky said. “Memories for a lifetime.”