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Kevin Durant explains why he created Twitter burner accounts

Kevin Durant was forced to navigate an embarrassing situation back in 2017 when it was discovered he was operating a handful of burner accounts on Twitter. Now, the Golden State Warriors star is opening up about why he felt he needed such incognito social-media outlets.

Appearing on ESPN’s “The Boardroom” this week, Durant explained the confluence of factors that led him to create the burner accounts in the first place.

“I wasn’t used to that amount of attention from playing basketball. I wanted a place where I could talk to my friends without anybody butting in on my conversations or mixing my words or taking everything out of context because I enjoyed that place,” Durant said on the show, as transcribed by Forbes.

Durant became the target of scorn and ridicule upon the discovery of the burner accounts, a hardly surprising development given the nature and content of the tweets in question.

Much like his frequently tumultuous relationship with the media — especially as of late — Durant’s experiences on social media are a mixed bag, to say the least.

Durant once engaged in some witty repartee on Twitter with CJ McCollum after appearing on the Portland Trail Blazers star’s podcast in 2018. The blowback over Durant’s arguably tweeted temper tantrum led him to accuse the media of “trying to make me look crazy.”

Still, despite offering contradictory responses to accusations he was operating burner accounts at the time the scandal broke, Durant at least is offering up a legitimate explanation for doing so. Yet, odds are his comments will not convince his critics to alter their unflattering perception of the mercurial superstar.