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Woman calls cops on Browns fan over-celebrating Odell Beckham Jr. trade

Cleveland Browns fans are fittingly in a collective state of euphoria over the stunning acquisition of superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., but one overenthusiastic Dawg Pound member got a little too out of control for one woman’s sensibilities.

According to a dispatch via Facebook from Ohio’s Shaker Heights Police Department, the woman in question became frightened after witnessing a juvenile male Browns fan out in the street wildly celebrating the Beckham trade.

Officers in Shaker Heights responded to a 911 call reporting a man “running up and down the street yelling and screaming” shortly after 8 p.m. Tuesday night, about the same time the Beckham trade whipped Browns fans into a frenzy.

“Concerned officers subsequently located a juvenile male in the street who told officer he was celebrating the Cleveland Browns adding Odell Beckham Jr. to the team,” the Facebook post reads. “After everyone shared their combined excitement, the future General Manager for the Browns quietly returned to his residence to resume his festivities without disturbing the neighbors.”

The woman who made the 911 call indicated she was concerned about her children’s safety after witnessing the man’s antics. So much so, in fact, she remained in her car with the kids until police arrived.

“He’s yelling and screaming and flailing his arms,” the woman told a dispatcher, via Cleveland’s FOX8. “And I don’t want to get my kids out of the car yet because I don’t know what’s going on. He’s running up and down the street, just yelling … He’s running from side to side.”

Browns fans have every right to be thrilled over the direction of the organization. After all, the team is only one modestly successful 7-8-1 campaign removed from posting a disastrous 1-31 record in the 2016-17 seasons. Even LeBron James could not contain his excitement over the impending Browns’ renaissance, which is on a real upward trajectory thanks to the Beckham acquisition.