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NFL to give fan two season tickets for 100 years as part of ‘Fantennial’

The NFL marks its 100th anniversary this coming season, and as part of an announced “Fantennial” celebration, one fan will receive two season tickets for the team of his or her choice for the next 100 years.

According to the NFL’s official announcement, the winner of the one-of-a-kind, centennial-celebratory prize will be announced at the 2019 NFL Draft.

Given the substantial length of time over which the 100-year-long prize will be distributed, the tickets to no surprise will be transferrable to the winner’s descendants in a generational manner, making it one incredible football-themed family heirloom of sorts.

“The NFL was built on multigenerational fandom that bonds people together,” commissioner Roger Goodell said Thursday, via ESPN. “Giving someone a century’s worth of NFL season tickets may be the single greatest sports prize ever offered to a fan. It represents 100 years filled with incredible memories to share with the people who matter most.”

“Our research finds that almost half of all NFL fans with a favorite team are multi-generational, meaning that at least one of their parents was also a fan of that team,” added Julie Haddon, the league’s senior vice president of global brand and consumer marketing. “Those strong family bonds can strengthen a fan’s feeling that they are a part of their favorite team.”

Three finalists will be flown to Nashville, Tenn., where the 2019 NFL Draft will be held on April 25. The winner will then be announced at some point during the draft’s first round.