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Nick Foles bids farewell to Philly in heartfelt essay

Nick Foles will be leaving the Eagles for the second time in his NFL career after signing a reported deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the quarterback who will forever be hailed as a Philadelphia sports hero bid farewell to the city in a heartfelt essay published by The Players’ Tribune.

Foles, in a piece simply titled, “Thank You, Philly,” recalls why he elected to return to the Eagles as a free agent in 2017 after beginning his NFL career in Philadelphia from 2012-14.

Foles writes that the decision “wasn’t a football one.” Instead, Foles notes “as much as I admire the Eagles as a franchise….. I love Philadelphia as a city.”

Foles was brought in to serve as the backup to Carson Wentz, but led the team to remarkable postseason run culminating in an improbable victory in Super Bowl LII after Wentz went down with an injury late in the 2017 season.

“Because for as much of an honor as it’s been to play for this team and this city … the truest privilege has been over the last year, in the time since we won the Super Bowl—having Eagles fans share their stories with me. Having them remind me of how we didn’t just win the Super Bowl; we won the Eagles’ first Super Bowl ever. Getting to hear from Philly natives about how their father, or father’s father, or mother, or mother’s mother, cried tears of happiness after the game. Learning about how, for most people, rooting for the Eagles is more than a decision—it’s a birthright.”

The writing has long been on the wall that the Eagles would move forward with Wentz despite his injury issues, and Foles nevertheless has handled everything involving the arguably awkward situation with the utmost professionalism.

Foles of course is departing the Eagles organization having left an indelible mark on Philly sports lore given his Super Bowl heroics and will be remembered as fondly by the city’s fans as he will recall his time playing in front of them.